Staff Augmentation

Our consultants can augment your staff providing technology and methodology expertise to your existing team. Our consultants will help maximize the velocity of your team.

Project Outsourcing

If you have software needs, but lack the staff to implement a solution, solutionsfit can manage and implement the project for you.

Software Strategy

Our consultants are experienced strategists that will help you define a roadmap for any of your software needs.


We focus on the specific interests of your organization. Training sessions are scheduled based on availability and content can be customized based on the needs of your organization.

Our Technology Expertise

Our consultants have deep expertise across the broad Java Platform. Whether your organization is using Spring and Hibernate, Groovy and Grails, or the EJB specification stack, our consultants will provide a level of knowledge that ensures project success. Give your organization a competitive edge with solutionsfit consultants.

Is your organization undertaking a mobile initiative? If you need strategic mobile advice or a mobile implementation, we can provide the expertise you need to provide mobile accessibility. HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and platform specific solutions are all within reach with solutionsfit consultants.

Whether you are a startup or a large organization, Ruby on Rails is a great alternative to the traditional language stacks providing extreme development speed and an easy to use platform. solutionsfit consultants can provide the competitive edge your company needs to succeed with a RoR implementation.