Welcome to solutionsfit

We are a consultancy focused on delivering software that provides immediate business value. We deliver the first version of a software product in days, not months or years. How do we do it? By following lean practices that originated in manufacturing and teaching those practices to the businesses we consult with. Not familiar with lean? Just imagine an organizational culture that is focused on eliminating any and all wasteful activity. Imagine new software being delivered not monthly, but daily, even many times a day.

Who is solutionsfit?

Our Mission
To enable organizations to get the most value out of their software investments.
Our Philosophy
By following lean practices that eliminate waste, we ensure that the software we develop is of the highest quality and maximizes business value.
Our Promise
Whether it’s strategy or development needs, just give us two weeks and you’ll see the difference.

Customers by Sector

Financial 29%
Retail 14%
Telecommunications 14%
Healthcare 15%
Technology 28%