This year I turned 30, one of those milestones in life. I would like to say it didn’t bother me, but… So I spent some time reflecting on the things I’ve always wanted to do and learn. Not knowing what you want in life is like going on a journey without a destination. How will you know what direction to take?

I had been interested in boxing since I was a kid, but being a skinny kid, I was afraid to try it out. I signed up with KO 101 Boxing. The first several classes were brutal. As a beginner I was in a class with a number of kids and they were running circles around me. A general 1.5 hour class includes running, jump rope, plyometrics, bag work, technique training, and abdominal exercises.

My biggest struggle was the jump rope. The coordination and stamina required to jump rope for 5 rounds was a challenge. The key thing you learn when jumping rope is to reduce the height of every jump. The higher you jump, the more energy you use. As you build coordination, you learn to barely clear the rope with each pass.

After a few classes, I bought a speed rope and began practicing. Classes are Monday and Wednesday night, so I would jump rope Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. After 4 weeks I could make it through all 5 rounds of jump rope without stopping. After 2 months I could work through the entire class without getting winded.

Learning boxing technique takes practice, but the snap on the bag as you throw a jab, cross, hook is rewarding. So if you want to get in shape and learn something new in the process, try boxing training. If nothing else, you can always say you now truly appreciate “Eye of the Tiger.”