This year I ran the WOKC Oktoberfest 5K in Addison, TX. The proceeds from the race go toward a great cause:

All proceeds benefit Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer (WOKC), a Dallas-based non-profit organization founded in 1980 dedicated to eradicating pediatric cancer by funding innovative research, education and treatment, while providing hope to children and families battling cancer

If you live in the Dallas area, this is a yearly event that I would highly recommend. The race includes competitive runners as well as those just interested in supporting the cause. Beyond the great cause, once you cross the finish line you find tables full of all the German beer and pepperoni pizza you can handle. What else would you expect for Oktoberfest? Well, maybe sausage instead of pizza, or at least sausage pizza.

The beer and pizza must have been motivating as I ran a decent 22:30 time. This was my first 5K to really attempt a competitive time and my goal is to run a sub-20 5K by the end of the year. I’m running a few more 5Ks in October so I’ll report back as I work toward my goal. Unfortunately, these don’t finish with endless beer, but I’m hoping I can still motivate myself.