After a highly anticipated wait, Michael and I are pleased to announce that the Rough Cut of JBoss Seam 2E is available with a new title: Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE. The new edition is a major update to the original including:

  • New chapters on Groovy, JBoss Rules (Drools), Events, Quartz, Multi-layer Caching, Maven, and Seam 2.1 Security
  • Introduction to Web Beans (JSR-299)
  • Major updates to Seam conversation model, transaction management, and many other features
  • Updates to all examples and the overall structure of the book

The new title boasts the power of Seam and the impact it has had on the Java EE environment with the upcoming Web Beans JSR. Whether you are a developer in the heat of a baptism by fire Seam project, a seasoned Seam developer looking to deepen your understanding of the framework, or a developer interested in learning this exciting new technology; this is the book for you.

The book takes a pragmatic approach by walking you through detailed examples illustrating how to use the features of Seam and providing the particulars necessary to get up-and-running quickly. In addition, the book provides in-depth discussions of these features ensuring your understanding of the powerful new concepts Seam has introduced to the Java EE environment.

Be aware that the Rough Cut has not been through the rigorous editing process the final version of the book will receive. Your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged. If you want to reserve your copy of the final print version today, you can pre-order now at Amazon!

The examples covered throughout the book can be downloaded here. You can deploy the examples by first editing the included file to include the following settings:

  • jboss.home – the location of your local JBoss instance (the examples have been tested against JBoss AS 4.2.3.GA)
  • seam.home – the location of the latest Seam distribution (the examples have been tested against JBoss Seam 2.1.0.SP1)

Once you have made these changes simply execute ant main deploy. This will build the example and deploy it to the configured JBoss instance. If you have any questions or run into any difficulties, please let us know!